2017-2018 lectures

‘The Bible in a post-truth world’
by Anthony Cane (Chancellor of Chichester Cathedral)

‘Jesus according to …. Jesus!’
by James D G Dunn (University of Durham, Emeritus)

‘Where is Jeremiah? A reflection on prophetic insight and lament in Contemporary Middle Eastern Christianity’
by Luciana Damascena (Mth student at Regent’s Park College Oxford and Minister in training at West Worthing Baptist Church)

‘Faith in Politics: never less than personal
by David Hallam (Methodist Local Preacher and MEP from 1994-1999)

Ladies of Virtue – towards the attainment of a good life
with particular reference to ethical philosophers Elizabeth Anscombe, Philippa Foot and Rosalind Hursthouse
by Vanessa Baron (Lyminster, Formerly chaplain at St Paul’s Girls’ School, London)

Jesus in the Quran and the New Testament
by Minlib Dallh (HM King Abdullah ibn al-Hussein II of Jordan Fellow for the Study of Love in Religion, Regent’s Park College, Oxford)