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‘Religion’ often gets a bad press, but Theology and Religious Studies still have a pulling power for many. It seems we are made to look for more than we see on the surface, and many find that this quest is enlivened through engaging with theological and religious questions.

This is what we try to do in Worthing Theological Society. Unashamedly keeping the ‘God word’ of Theology but offering and engaging with a wide diversity of views and contexts, with no required ‘party line’ other than an inquiring mind and open spirit. Speakers are drawn from as wide a perspective as are willing to share their thoughts: from leading scholars in their field to those nearer the start of their studies, from politicians to priests, and many more.

The overall objective is good intellectual discussion of theological issues on the broadest possible basis. Whilst the emphasis is predominantly biblical and Christian we are non-partisan and a range of faiths and non-religious outlooks in our regular gatherings.